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Durood Sharif / Darood Pak

As per Quran;

"Undoubtedly, Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet, the Communicator of unseen news, O you who believe! send upon him Blessings and salute him fully well in abundance"

Anas ibn Malik narrates that Muhammad (PBUH) said:

"He who reads a single Durood upon me, Almighty Allah blesses him ten times, ten of his sins are forgiven, and he is increased ten times in stages (internally)"


  Drood-e-Ibrahimi     Duroode Ibrahimi Daroode Ibraheemi
Darood-e-Taaj   Darood-e-Taj

Durood-e-Tunajjina    Durood-e-Tunajjina

Durood-e-Tayyab  Tayyab

Darood-e-Akbar   Akbar

Durood-e-Mohammadi  Duroode Mohammadi

Durood-e-Noor  Noor

Durood-e-Nabi  Nabi

Darood-e-Wali  Durood Wali

Durood-e-Sadaqah  Durood Sadaqah

Darood-e-Shafiee  Durood Shafiee

Durood-e-Qurani  Durood Qurani

Darood-e-Mujtaba  Mujtaba

Darood-e-Aa'li  Aali

Durood-e-Oaysiya  Oyaisia - Oaysia - Oaisia

Durood-e-Ghosia  Durood Ghosia

Durood-e-Naqshbandiyah  Naqshbandiyah

Sawab for reciting 600,000 times 600,000

Sawab for reciting 10,000 times 10,000

Sawab for 30,000 times 30000 Times Sawab

Darood for Debt For Debt

70,000 Angels write Sawab  Durood 70000

Durood for increasing wealth Durood for wealth

80 Years of sins will be forgiven  80 Years of sins forgiven


  Durood-e-Khizri Khizri

Durood-e-Shazili Shazili

Darood-e-Imam Busairi Imam Busairi

Durood-e-Kashaf Durood e Kashaf

Durood for Shifa (Health) Durood-e-Shifa

Durood-e-Taskheer Duroode Taskheer

Darood Kamaliya Kamalia Kamaliya

Durood-e-Mahi Durood-e-Mahi

Durood-e-Mehmood Durood mehmood

Darood Hifz-e-Iman Hifze Iman

Durood Nariyah Nariyah

Durood Batin

Darood Khamsah

Durood Mustajabud Dawaat

Durood Awwal Aakhir

Darood Mustafa

Durood Habib

Darood Naimat-e-Uzma

Durood Malvan Malvan

Durood Davami Dwami

Durood to read on Jummah day Durood-e-Jummah

Durood-e-Hazarah  Hazarah

Darood-e-Ayzaz  Ayzaza
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