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Learn Quran for kids with Home Quran Academy. At Quran learning academy online we have been teaching children and adults Quran for many years. We use state of the art technology to connect students and teachers for live one to one Quran reading sessions. Our Quran learning courses are run by qualified quran tutors who are hired after passing highly stringent screening process.

We ensure that each student learns Quran on one to one basis and according to Tajweed rules. Quran learning with Quran online Academy is convenient, affordable. Please look around at our website for information on courses offered by us.

The Quran is the final revealed Book of Allah, that contains the message of guidance from Allah for all humankind. Welfare of the entire humanity depends upon following the guidance and understanding Quran. In other words, success in this world as well as the Here after for humankind is treasured in the Quran. Therefore, it's a must for us to Learn Quran and understand it.

Quran Reading and Quran Learning online

We are one of the leading online quran and Arabic learning institute offering full time, part time and weekend courses for kids and adults. We use state of the art technology to connect students and teachers to ensure uninterrupted and smooth class sessions.

Our courses fit into your lifestyle and are taught by highly qualified quran tutors who have several years of teaching experience and are fluent Arabic, English, Urdu speakers. We are so confident that you will like our teaching methods and we are offering 1 week Free Trial classes to give you a look of what we can offer.


Quran online Courses offered:


1. Quran Reading and Learning online:
Full time course runs 5 days a week with a flexibility to choose timings that's suits you. Full time course tend to be more faster then other study options and designed for those who are willing to commit more time every week and want to learn and complete their study quickly. However we suggest that young students and beginners register for a part-time course which takes a little longer then full-time course but offers much more flexibility. Please see our fee section for further details.

2. Quran Reading and Learning online:
Part-time course runs 3 days and week. Students can choose which days and times they want to study. We recommend this course for beginners and young students. This study option offers greater flexibility and is slower paced. With part-time course students do not feel under pressured as it takes longer time to complete their study then any other option. Please see our fee section for further details.

3. Quran Reading and Learning online:
This is weekend based course and is designed for working individuals and in some cases for students who can not study during the week. Its a slow paced option but class sessions are longer compare to other study options.


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