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Learn Quran online is an easy way for you and your kids to learn the Holy Quran. All you need is a PC, Headset with a microphone and a broadband internet connection. Learn Quran at home is an excellent program that enable kids, adults & new muslims to Learn Coran. have 24-7 classes. We have students in USA, Canada, UK, France, Australia, Spain, and all over the world. We teach 24 hours a day. You can try three FREE no obligation trial lessons to evaluate our online Quran learning service. After that you can decide to continue or discontinue quran for kids service with us. We have both male and female tutors.

Learn Quran, Read Quran, Learning Quran!


Alhamdu Lillah we teach holy quran 1 to 1 classes using the latest software's, technology and the latest Quran teaching methods and tutors. Thousands of muslims have benefited from this and have learn to read Quran and learn Quran with Tajweed. Now students of any age in any country can learn to read Quran at their own schedule and pace. Parents can now watch their children learn quran at home in front of their eyes.

Learn Quran Free Trial:

  Learn Koran online Benefits:
 1) 1 to 1 online classes so that quran tutors can focus on each student.
 2) Highly trained, educated and qualified staff and quran tutors to teach.
 3) No need to send kids outside when they can learn in front of your eyes.
 4) Quran teaching in English, Arabic and Urdu languages.
 5) Free 3 days trial for the proof of our talented quran service.

Online Quran Learning and Reading:

Courses offered to Learn Quran online at home with Tajweed with us:



  Basic Learn Quran Lessons
  *   Quran Learning and Reading with Tajweed
  *   Memorization of Holy Quran for kids
  *   Quran Translation classes in Arabic, Urdu & English
  *   Holy Quran Recitation with Tafseer
  *   Basic Islamic teachings, prayers, Hadith's, Dua's

You can try 3 Free Trial no obligation lessons to evaluate our Quran reading service & tutor. After the free lessons you can decide to continue or discontinue Quran learning with us. Our Well-versed Male and Female Quran tutors are highly trained and have extensive experience of teaching Quran learning online.

Learn to read quran

Online Quran Tutor:

All our quran tutors have experience of teaching Quran to English speaking students. Our teachers are not only selected just for their knowledge, but also for their interpretational skills to gain motivation and encouragement in students to increase the knowledge of the Quran more and more. Our quran tutors have:

    5 years Islamic scholar course.

  Qualified Hafiz-e-Quran and University graduates
    In depth knowledge of Tajweed and Tarteel
    Command in basic Islamic teaching
    Excellent command on learn Arabic, English & Urdu

Our teaching staff include well qualified educators, qaris and hafiz Quran tutors. Our teachers know the learning style of every student. They teach friendly and motivate students to read Quran and Islamic studies.

Holy Quran free learning


Read Quran Online Plans:

We have designed affordable cost to make every kid able to learn Holy Quran. We provide Free Trial classes before starting regular paid lessons, after that you can decide that either you want to continue with us. Click on the link below to check our affordable packages. 

 Quran classes  Free Holy Quran  Islam Quran


Anybody who has internet and computer can learn with us. We use internet telephony software for voice conversation and screen sharing. Teacher will assist you for screen sharing. It means teacher and student talk to each other and see the same lesson on their computer screens during the class

Quran for kids


Learn Quran with Tajweed Parents Testimonial:

- My one daughter finished Quran in 6 months and other daughter who is 7 and is on 18 parah. My mac are very glad to be their students. In a non Muslim country we had such a great opportunity it's not less than any blessings of Allah on us...
(Imad Hussian)

- I am a student and very satisfied with your classes. I love to learn quran now. It is very interesting. And your tutors are very nice & easy to learn with. God Bless You. (Ali Raza)

- My son is taking Quran classes with . I'm very happy with their teaching style .They motivate students very much therefore students feel very confirtable with them. Allah may bless them.
(Sheraz Afzal)

- is an amazing program. My two kids are studying since one year. We sometimes go on long vacations to another country but due to mac studies my children never miss their class. My kids are making excellent progress in reciting Quran with Tajweed.

- The recording feature is great. I enjoy the convenience of being able to see at my leisure what my daughter has learnt and how she is progressing.
(Salman Butt)

- We were on vacation and my son did not have to miss any of his classes. We were able to re-schedule his classes according to our mac and the teacher was really great. Keep up the good work.
(Zara Hassan)

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